Thursday, 6 September 2012

Chapter 1 - Clash of Colours

"If I'm being honest, I thought that was me today!" NK shouted from the room as he heard Arnavs shower turn off. "Gone!" he indicated running his thumb against his neck then dropping his head to the side just as Arnav walked in.

"That was one hell of a close call," Arnav admitted quietly as he sat himself down on the recliner. He'd finally managed to scrub the blood and grime off of him, leaving only a few scars that would heal in a few more days, as they always did. Bringing the towel to his hair he began wiping at it as NK stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

"Thank God for back up eh? Though would have done us better if the fuckers had arrived earlier," he added in on his way, then walked in shutting the door behind him, leaving Arnav to his own thoughts.

Arnav finally adjusting himself on the recliner laid back, his muscles against the raised fabric bumps of the chair, the water from his wet locks still dripping down his face. Yes today had been close, too close and he could see the end nearing. Butit was more worry than fear that engulfed him. Fear? He was immune to that, he no longer felt it, no longer felt the need for it and that's what made him stronger; his absence of fear. Things had been off lately and it had to do with a leak. Bringing his hands to his forehead he pinched the space between his brows, he could feel a headache coming on.

“NK! I’m going to sleep! Get up early tomorrow! We have a meeting remember!” He shouted before closing his eyes and drifting off into sleep.


“ATB officer Arnav Singh Raizada,” the man spoke as he sat on his black leather chair, his back facing Arnav.

“Reporting Sir!” He stood stock straight, his grey pants and coat perfectly ironed, not a crease on his white shirt, black skinny tie perfectlyin the centre.

Ashuthosh Khurana, the head of the Anti-terrorist Bureau turned around finally to face him. “Arnav we are getting nowhere,” he began.

“I know sir,” Arnav admitted blandly.

“We can’t afford any more mistakes Arnav,” he stated harshly.

“Sir we are trying,” Arnav attempted, “but we are currently down on men and our hunches are either always off or they already anticipate our arrival,” he answered solemnly.

“Yes I’ve also got word of a leak,” Ashuthosh spoke nodding slowly as he leaned his head on his clasped hands, then appraising Arnav who continued to stand perfectly erect, his caramel brown eyes trained steadily on Ashuthosh, he leaned over and took out a file. “Arnav therefore we are changing plans,”Ashtuthosh watched as the young man’s eyes flickered for a miniscule of a second then became bland again.

“A change of plan sir?”

“Yes Arnav, you and NK will be going undercover,” he stated matterof factly, flicking through the pages of the file.

“Undercover sir? But then what about the team?” He questioned, his hard expression wavering as his brows furrowed in confusion.
“The team will still work with you Arnav, from remote locations.But you and NK are the best we have and therefore you two will have to go.”

Arnav nodded silently, still not quite sure what his boss’s next plan was. “So do we have a plan of action sir?”

“Yes Arnav, I do indeed, take a seat for me will you,” he signalled for Arnav to sit down as he dialled up his secretary, “Tina send in NK for me.”


NK lifted his right eyebrow as he walked in, silently questioning Arnav as to what was happening but before Arnav could respond Ashuthosh had already begun speaking.

“Right then boys, tomorrow two men will be arriving from Miami, one expert in rifling and the other in bombs.”

NKs eyes widened as Arnav continued to sit quietly, not giving away anything but they both understood the plan even before it could be spoken out. Arnav was the best rifleman ATB had and NK was renowned for his bomb detonation and production skills.

“You’ll both get rid of them as they step out of the flight, take their places and join Shyam Manohar Jha, you will then continue to work with him.” Ashuthosh stood up, bringing out another two files and laying them out infront of the two. “He’s employing outside expertise now, which means he’s planning something big. He already has enough bomb experts so we need to find out why he’s bringing in another.” Arnav flicked through the pages of his file,opening out a little pouch at the side to take out his new ID card and passport. “The drug deals and teenage addiction is on the rise and young men and women seem to be rapidly disappearing so we know that this time it’s going to be huge. So boys,” he turned around to face them, leaning against the table to look down at them, “I want you to find out what he’s up to, to plan strategically and work with your team. Arnav! You’re in charge! Make the decisions and share it only through your team. Don’t even tell me!”NK looked to his boss in shock as he spoke those words, so it was true, there was a leak. “I don’t want any mistakes! Understand?”

Yes sir,” Arnav finally replied calmly, his jaw set in determination.

Next day

“So what ya got new boss?” Aman winked and elbowed NK as he awaited Arnavs instructions. Arnav rolled his eyes as he checked his gun.

“Right, so you are pretending to be...” Stuffing his gun into his pants Arnav pulled out an airport ID badge, “Vishal Roy,” he stated handing it over. “Bring them over to this room here and we’ll take care of the rest,” he instructed as NK threw punches into thin air.


Arnavs face was almost manic as he struggled with his arm around the man’s neck, every muscle in his body tensed as he tightened his grip, the man’s cries for help escaping him completely. He turned around with him, the man squirming in his hold, a little tighter and crack, he snapped the man’s neck.Dropping him to the ground Arnav walked over to NK who had despite his instructions not to, created two bullet holes in the other man’s head. Giving him a disapproving look Arnav signalled for him to help him dispose of the bodies.


“Khushi! Hurry up and get ready! You know Aakash doesn’t like people that can’t work on time!” Payal shouted as she approached their bedroom door.

“Jiji!” Khushi moaned, “he’s not my fiancée so I really don’t care. Besides is there even a need for me to go there!” She continued to pester Payal. She could have easily stayed at home instead, spared herself the drama of another high society party. Urgh! She hated them! Pretentious people, pretentious clothes, having to constantly smile at everyone and pretend to like them. She rolled her eyes as she tucked in the pleats of her sari. If Payal was not her sister she would definitely have stayed a million miles away from such ridiculous events, but her jijis fiancée insisted that Payal attend and her parents would simply not let her jiji go alone.

“Plus who knows, there are some very handsome guys that attend,you could easily go out with one of them,” Payal added pinching Khushis arm softly.

“Urgh jiji, please!” She rolled her eyes, “I’d rather not!”


Shyam stood in the centre of everything, making mindless chit-chat with all of his guests. His plan was finally ready to be executed. Being a man of patience he didn’t mind waiting, no no not at all and this time it would beperfect, he thought with a smirk to himself, his fingers tight around the Champaign glass in hand. Half of it was already underway. India was thriving with young adventurous blood, all ready to sacrifice them to the affects of what he had to offer, that would keep them off of his other games. This is how it worked, they wouldn’t know what he had planned till it hit them in the face. He had lost two men recently, two very good men and these two replacements would be perfect for the job.

As he moved with a woman dressed in a emerald green dress, his hand steady on her slender back he watched Hawk, the new rifleman that had arrived this morning, one of the best in the underworld. He had to admit tohimself, the man was very young, but never mind he too had started off from a very young age. He watched as the young man refused the alcohol being served several times, his chocolate brown eyes in some distant place. And that’s when his eyes fell on her, her marble skin sheathed in a red sari and he felt his hands still, as if he had been struck by lightning he felt his whole world come crumbling down on him. But he wasn’t given much time to think as one of his men lunged for him, moving him away moments before the whole room erupted into gunfire.

Arnav ducked immediately as a bullet flew past him. “Shit!” What the hell was going on? His feet were fast against the ground, the blood rushingthrough his veins as he dashed for cover. And that’s when he saw her, crouching down on the middle of the dance floor, attempting to shield herself. And it was as if time stopped, the scene coming through to him in slow motion as she lay in the centre, like a burning fire, everything else grey as his eyes stayed on her, clad in red. He snapped out of it suddenly as NK collided into his back. “Shit Arnav!” What’s going on?” He screamed. “Dave it’s Hawk remember!” He muttered through gritted teeth then quickly coming to his senses ran towards the girl inthe centre, everything else not even for a split second registering in his mind as he pushed through people, all dashing to safety. Reaching her finally, he pulled at her wrist, the sound of bullets reverberating around the room. She turned around suddenly to face him, soft hazel eyes clashing against dark caramel ones. He pulled her closer, away from another bullet as it missed her by inches, whilst she continued to stare into his eyes, completely dumbfounded, shocked, shaken. He watched her closely, taking in her gentle features, her button nose, the arched eyebrows, perfectly shaped, her porcelain like skin, her perfect pink lips when she pulled back suddenly against his arms which had somehow wound around her waist, then jumped back again, hiding her face in the crook of his neck, her arms tight around him as the large chandelier spat chards of glass in their direction. He pushed her back slowly, “we need to get out of here,” he mumbled, taking her hand into his then pulled her away with him...

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