Wednesday, 5 September 2012


So this one is actually very much inspiredby Sajda, the serial that was on Starplus a while ago. I really liked it and although the storyline sort of lost it’s substance later on, the concept was really very interesting. It will however not follow the story line of Sajda too closely, nor will it follow the story line of IPK. 

“Khushi hold on! We can just catch the next bus!” Payal screamed as Khushi ran in front of her, her arm outstretched towards the bus, her feet slightly slipping off of the tarmac of the pavement as she held her little handbag with her other hand behind her. “Stop Khushi!” Payal screamed then collided into Khushis back as she came to an abrupt halt.

“Jiji if you had run a bit faster we could’ve caught it!” She sulked, huffing and puffing for breath as she rested her palms on her thighs.

“Khushi shut up! It’s only a bus!” Payal shouted, stuffing her purse into her bag once more, whilst glaring at Khushi, who at most times didn’t seem to have a care for the world.


He leaned against a pillar, blood trickling down the side of his face, hands steady on the gun in hand, his heart knocking off of his rib cage, adrenaline pumping through his veins. NK fell back next to him, panting for breath.

“Oh shit! That was close!” NKs voice was ragged as he brought his gun forward and checked the bullets, “and I’m running out!” There was blood dripping down a side of his mouth.

“Shh!” Arnav suddenly placed his hand on NKs mouth shutting him off as he turned his head round slightly to listen. Drip drop drip drop, came the distant echo of water against the floor and then ever so faintly, footsteps, creeping towards them. His eyes widened slightly and he softly elbowed NK who immediately looked towards him questioningly. He cocked his head to the left, signalling that someone was approaching and both of them were on their feet within seconds, guns at the ready.

“Dude! I have two left!” NK whispered as they stood side by side behind the pillar.

“Just let me do the shooting, keep those for cover,” Arnav commanded as he shuffled over slightly to the left, peeping out to see how far he would be. “Shit!” The man had seen him. A bullet ricochet off of the back of the pillar as Arnav ducked, instantly aiming from his crouching position. Another deafening sound as the impact of his bullet echoed throughout the vast dark room. “Damn it!” He’d missed! He moved back against NK backing away from another bullet heading his way.

“What the fuck Arnav?! Where is he?” NK shouted

“Shut up!” He aimed again, this time crouching behind the pillar on his knees, another shot. He watched as the man staggered then his knees buckling fell to the ground, seconds before he aimed another shot, this time higher and he watched as it seared into his chest, cutting him off completely. The loud thump of his body against the floor reverberated within the room as Arnav stood up again. NK peeked out once more, relief washing through him, but that too was short lived as more sounds erupted from behind them somewhere, footsteps, voices, gunshots.

“Shit!” Arnav spat out, he pressed a button on his Bluetooth, they’d already lost two men and this was shaping out to be a lot worse than they had hoped. “Back up! Back up! We need back up!” He screamed into the earpiece as he ushered for NK to move.


He fixed his tie, adjusting his coat as he walked out of the airport terminal. A man behind him pushed his luggage. He snapped his fingers and a man shuffled over next to him, call Aakash he commanded. Then a few seconds later took the phone off of him, placing it to his ear.

“Yes Aakash is everything ready?”

“Yes sir?” Came Aakashs voice, “everything is arranged, we can start as soon as you get here. For now a woman will be waiting to hand over the items you had requested.”

“That’s grand,” he smiled that crooked smile of his and clicked the phone off just as a young woman walked up to him.

“Mr Shyam Manohar Jha?” She asked, her voice soft and tinkling.

“Yes darling,” he smiled appraising her carefully, taking in every curve of her body then gently took her right hand, bringing his lips to it and placed a peck on her soft skin, then brushing his other hand over her left hand promptly took the briefcase from her. 


  1. awesome. i never watched sajda. but this seemd interesting

    1. Aw thank you! If you haven't watched it then that's even better :P xx