Friday, 2 November 2012

Chapter 9 - Her Coloured Hues

Another mega update :S. I just can't stop with this one! Aah! So it will be pretty long :(. Sorry in advance xx

Loads of things in this chapter ;). Hope you guys can pick up the hints that I've dropped ;). xx.

Find the colours and mix them well. Spread them thick and thin them out. Let them bleed and watch them blend. Black as ink and dark as night, orange like fire and purple like the sky has bruised. Perch atop the tallest branches and lend your silhouette to the scene. Find me here. Find me here. 
- Tyler Knott Gregson

He led her out of the chopper, her hair blowing agains the harsh movement of the blades, her dupatta flickering across his face. He could see the trepidation, the slight fear in her face even through the dim light. Could tell it all through the slight tremble in her lips, the sweat in her soft hands, the little shake of her against him. He repressed that sudden urge of his to squeeze her hand in his, look into her eyes and just let her know that she would be okay, that he was back now and he would not let any harm come to her but knew he couldn't, she did not know what he knew.

She squinted through the darkness, letting her eyes adjust to her surroundings and spotted the four large blocks of light emanating through what looked like a large square building. She felt long strands of grass graze across her ankles, her feet sink in ever so slightly into soft, damp mud. She turned her head around slowly to watch the side profile of his face, his high jawline, his determined gaze as he strode pulling her with him, keeping his pace deliberately slow so that they were able to walk side by side. 
She still failed to understand him and now the thought of him being Arnav had been on her mind for so long that she was beginning to doubt herself, doubt his actions. What if she was walking straight into a trap? She gulped back the fear that rose up her throat. For some reason her mind refused to accept that fact.

He looked at her again, watched her scrunched up brows, the new worry that had now taken over the features of her face as her fingers involuntarily tightened their grip on his hand.

"Don't worry. You'll be safe here," he reassured her once more just as they reached the doorstep. She nodded slowly in reply, her senses now in overdrive, she wasn't sure what to think anymore.

He slid open a metal panel to reveal a black glass square with a square grid, and she watched both in amazement and surprise as he placed his hand over it and it whirred into life. She listened to the muffled clinks of bolts turning against each other, the tiniest of beeps and then watched as he pushed the door knob in and then down, swinging the solid door open into blinding light.

(This is what I imagine the house to look like)

She took in the large bright surroundings completely awestruck. The house seemed to reflect everything that his cold exterior did not. The hall was large, bright and graciously spacious, every inch of it constructed out of solid wood; for were it stood, in the middle of nowhere surrounded by darkness it was nothing like she had expected. And then suddenly her eyes fell on someone else, quickly walking towards them from the far side of the room. She automatically moved in behind him, fearing the worst yet clinging onto that distant trust that he would not hurt her.

He kept his hand clasped in hers even as Aman walked towards them, recognising her fear instantly and wanting to just tell her right there and then that he was her Arnav and therefore he would not harm her.

Aman took in the sight before him, analysing them as he walked over, a slow smile spreading across his face. He watched her slight movements as she quickly moved behind Arnav, as if he was her shield, the way they held hands. Arnav's determined eyes against her bewildered ones, his set jaw and tensed muscles against her innocent almost child-like features, his tanned skin against her ivory white soft skin. From afar they appeared to be complete polar opposites, from their body language to their features and yet they seemed to mould into one, just before his eyes already they appeared to have this unknown, unspoken understanding and that surprised him. Aman thought back to the only other time he had seen such a similar bond exist within Arnav, back to the first time he had recognised the true person inside this shell of a man, where even within hatred he had shed tears for a woman that he still despised and right then at that moment Aman knew he was only so much away from solving the puzzle of Arnav Singh Raizadas life.

"It's okay, don't be scared. You'll be safe here," he murmured looking back at her as she continued to crouch away from Aman. He attempted to pull her out from behind him slowly, then as she refused moved over to the side slightly. "This is Aman, he's my friend, you can trust him," Arnav attempted to reassure her. She moved forward carefully, taking her time, almost as if she took longer then all this was happening would quickly disappear.

Aman extended his hand out then, a smile adorning his face, "hey I'm Aman, it's nice to meet you," he offered wanting to make her feel at ease.

She watched him for a few seconds, not sure what to make of it, her heart galloping away in her chest. She sent her eyes darting around the room one more time, there didn't seem to be any pictures, no sign of anyone else, just these two men that she didn't know in a large house, in the middle of nowhere. She gulped, bile rising up her throat. What if they did something to her? She scrunched her eyes shut, suddenly willing it all away, her fingers tight against the palm of his hand, digging into his flesh. She wanted to escape everything.

Aman withdrew his hand a little, she looked pretty shaken. He turned his head towards Arnav, raising an eyebrow as Arnav nodded back. And for the first time that day he did something that his mind was telling him to do, because holding back was not helping anyone; he squeezed her hand in his.

Her eyes snapped open, she turned around abruptly to look at him, loosing herself in his caramel spheres for a few seconds. She'd felt that, the soft nudge of the tendons of his hand against hers. A thin smile spread across his face and at that moment she wanted to believe in him completely, believe that he would pull her out of this chaotic mess. "You'll be safe. I promise," his voice was a soft whisper and a distant corner of her mind felt that she could believe him, trust his promise to be true. "Trust me," he tried again, his eyes not leaving her for a second. "I just need to go somewhere for a few hours and then I'll get back and we'll sort things out," he explained continuing to watch her slowly changing expressions. "I would right now if I could, but this is urgent," he looked away as he said that, not wanting for a minute to leave her in this state but at the end of the day he was bound by duty and he couldn't allow that priority to be jeopardised.

"I'll show you to your room," Aman cut in then. "Don't worry we won't bite," he attempted to joke just as Arnav threw a death glare his way, warning him to shut up. He walked behind them as Arnav slowly led her upstairs then into the room that he had had prepared for Khushi and leaving her their with her bewildered gaze, closed the door.

"Oh man she's shit scared," Aman commented just as Arnav threw another glare his way.

Completely ignoring any other comments Aman would have to make about Khushi Arnav pulled the gun out from his jeans, checking his bullets once more. "So how long have we got?" He questioned, back to himself now.

"58 minutes and half the guys are already down there. NK's trying to set up two teams so that we have cover," Aman stated walking beside Arnav as he headed towards the chamber.

"And you aren't coming?" Arnav questioned turning towards him.

"No I was thinking I'd stay, have a look through the cameras from here rather than on site," Aman stated calmly

"Yeh that would be better actually, we can't risk you blowing up," Arnav commented stopping to open the metal cupboard at the side and grabbing a bullet proof vest.

Aman chuckled back, "yeh that would sort of be a bummer now wouldn't it," he laughed taking a microphone out of his pocket and handing it to Arnav.

"So we've got two cartons landing? One with weapons and one with drugs?" Arnav questioned quickly re-briefing himself over the events as he pulled off his shirt, then pulled the bullet proof vest over his t-shirt.

"Yep two cartons. Drugs, heroine to be precise and weapons. Not sure what the weapons are but.."

"We need to grab them before he does because weapons means something big and this could post-pone that," Arnav cut in, already steps ahead.

"Exactly. Only Aakash and Shyam will be collecting but of course their men will be with them," Aman moved on to the details of what would take place.

"So ten more men?" Arnav questioned inserting another gun into the front of his jeans.

"No news as of yet, obviously I need to get back to the chamber and have a look but I wouldn't think there'd be any more."

"So how many men are we taking?" Arnav questioned then, trying to get his bearings right and form a plan.

"twelve, two groups of six and then NK leading one and you on the other," Aman stated.

Arnav nodded back, "right I'll take the front and NK can cover." He grabbed the microphone and fixed it into his ear then took the map that Aman was holding and brought it infront of him.

Aman entered the keycode then entered as the large metal door slid open and let Arnav place the map on the counter. Arnav grabbed a pen, his eyes already flitting through the many routes they could take. He drew a red line through the front row of containers.

"I'll head my team down this way, through carton 22, take a sharp left then end at this path, second down from the front and we'll move to the dock that way," he stated.

"So a man through each carton since there are six?" Aman questioned, quickly catching up with Arnav's plan.

"Yep, exactly that," he stated placing dots in the spaces in between the large containers. "I want tranquillisers used, we don't need Aakash and Shyam dead," he stated, his eyes still on the map.

"Already done, I guessed as much so they've been given tranquillisers too," Aman replied, already steps ahead.

Arnav threw a smile his way, "I'm impressed Aman, too much coffee?" He joked.

Aman couldn't help but chuckle back, he could see a slightly changing Arnav, he didn't seem to be as stressed anymore. "Aah you know me too well. I think since yesterday I've had a gallon and a half," he joked as Arnav chuckled then folded the map up.

"Alright then we're good to go," he stated then grabbing the keys to his SUV strode out of the rear entrance of the chamber.


Shyam closed his eyes for a few seconds, his breathing controlled, a deep breath in and a deep breath out. So many things remained to be done, too many ideas were flitting through his mind and he was unconsciously moving about his own deadlines. He still revelled in Angelica's magical touch, in his mind her features changing to that of Diyas. Diyas soft hazel eyes, her angelic features. He pounced forward on his chair suddenly, his fists coming down and rattling the contents of his desk, the fury building up inside of him exploding into a loud agitated scream. He couldn't get her out of his mind, "Khushi Kumari Gupta," he mumbled. "I will have you! I WILL HAVE YOU!" He screamed.

He stood up, unable to take the full effects of his fury and began pacing around the room. Snippets of his past kept on flashing across his mind, her lifeless body as it hung in mid-air, her trembling quivering lips as he pushed her against the wall. He had loved her tenderly and she hadn't bothered to return it to him but Shyam Manohar Jha was a man that always got what he wanted. Sure he'd lost the first lap but he'd definitely win the second, Khushi Kumari Gupta would be his and only his!


"Point 2 are you in position, I repeat point 2 are you in position?" Arnav spoke into his microphone, crouching behind the large container, his flesh grazing against the cold metal as he listened to the distant sounds of whipping helicopter blades.

"Affirmative sir,"

"three men entering from the right, point 2 should have a clear shot," Aman stated as he watched all that was happening on screen, tilting the picture from all angles as he gave Arnav instructions.

Arnav edged to the corner, his gun trained and at the ready, his eyes quickly focusing on the three men approaching from the right. His eyes met Nikhils then nodded back, confirming his instructions, "point 2 you have a clear shot, take it!" He ordered just as Nikhil trained his gun and fired. One tranquilliser cut through the air and pinged off of a metal pillar at the side as two heads turned and one face scrunched up in fury. They turned back around as one of the men fell to the floor, his body creating a large thump as it fell lifelessly to the ground. They turned back round to the containers, Nikhil was already out in the open as he continued to move towards them, gun at the ready, now bullets, firing shots that all missed as the other men ran for cover and began firing towards the row of containers, one shot only missing Nikhil by a fraction of a centimeter.

Arnav watched all of this as if in slow motion when his eyes met with the bullet flying Nikhils way, he didn't have time to think, his limbs moved of their own accord as he ran, his legs fast on the ground  then launched himself at Nikhil, flinging him to the ground. He scrunched his eyes shut in pain as his felt the metal bullet pierce through the skin of his arm creating a large gash as it whizzed past but he didn't have time to react. "Fucking idiot!" He screamed, "what the fuck was that?" Pushing Nikhil over to the side behind the container he took up his new position.

"Aman I'm at point 2, Nikhil is down, where the hell are Shyam and Aakash?" He questioned just as NK entered the line.

"Aakash approaching, I repeat target approaching, five men, all moving toward your end Arnav." NK spoke as bullets whizzed around in the background. He too crouched behind a container moving out every few seconds and aimed for shots.

"Where the fuck is Shyam?" Arnav exclaimed as he moved out once more and aimed for another man, forget the tranquillisers he was hurt, the pain was excruciating and he now refused to play that game. He pressed the green button on his mike, "fuck the tranquillisers, take the shots." He instructed, as he peaked out and saw the two men approaching, his fingers tight on the trigger as he aimed and fired, ducking just in time as another bullet ricocheted off of the container, "take the fucking shots! We have nine men remaining, only save Aakash!" He instructed as he rolled over on the ground, his gun aimed shooting both men at the knees before they could react then rested against the next container. "Two men dead! Seven more!"

"Man down, I repeat man down! Tarun is down!" Another voice came through the speaker.

"Shit shit shit! This is getting messy!" Aman muttered to himself as he moved closer to his screen, looking for some way out. "Arnav they've surrounded, you'll have to spill blood!" He exclaimed.

"I'm trying you dumbass!" He yelled back, putting pressure onto his arm which was now bleeding profusely. He peeked back out as two more men rounded the line of containers, "Maan you are in range, take it!" He instructed just as Maan moved out from behind the container and crouching down fired two clear shots even before Shyam's two men could react.

"Five more!" Arnav exclaimed.

"And we need to move fast!" Aman instructed, scrolling through the screen, "Aakash is already on the damn ship!"

"Fuck!" Arnav and NK both grunted at the same time. Arnav leaned against the container, bringing his gun forward as he ejected his bullets then slammed in a new cartridge, "I'm moving in! NK cover that side! Maan, Varun, Karan give me cover! We are taking plan B! Plan B!" He instructed as he pointed the other three through the container.

"Plan B?" Aman questioned, "but that means..."

"I know! But we'd rather destroy the shit than get killed in the process!" He exclaimed as he ran towards the opening. Maan fired a shot as he approached, taking another man down.

"Four more!" He exclaimed into the ear piece.

"Three more!" NK yelled back as he took another shot and a second man fell to the ground.

Aakash saw the number of men they had left. Shit he should have brought Shyam! He jumped back off of the ship as Arnav quickly zig-zagged his way through the opening, crouching behind random barrels, rapidly approaching the ship, his bullets pinging off of the metal barrier.

"Sir we are under attack!" Aakash exclaimed into the phone.

"What?!" Shyam exclaimed back, "how the hell did anyone find out?" He screamed, his eyes furious, the muscles of his face twitching as anger coursed through him.

"Sir I don't know and we've lost too many! Abort mission?" He questioned, as another bullet ricocheted only centimeters away from him. He grabbed his own gun, aiming from behind a large barrel.

Closing his eyes Shyam sighed loudly, "abort mission, put another order in! We have a leak!" He stated then ended the call.

Arnav crouched behind a large red crate, his eyes surveying the battlefield. It was a gory mess as it always was. There was no sign of Aakash. Pulling the pin of the bomb with his teeth, he threw the grenade towards the docked ship, signalling with his head towards NK who was leaning behind a crate only mere meters away from him.

Nodding back NK did the same.

Aakash quickly climbed into the chopper. "Mission aborted, back to bay," he instructed to the pilot as the vehicle quickly lifted off of the ground.

Arnav finally walked out from behind the crate, to be joined seconds later by NK. They both stood side by side with the distant sound of a chopper flying off, watching the large ship alight in flames.

Closing his eyes Arnav exhaled loudly, "mission complete, two men down, cartons destroyed," he stated blandly as Aman sighed with relief from the other end.

"Call up the meds for Tarun and Nikhil and get back to your locations!" He instructed as he walked back towards his SUV, "we are done for today! Good work guys!"

NK quickly followed stuffing his gun in his pants, "aah that was intense, now for a nice hot piping breakfast," he stated to himself as he walked behind Arnav.

Arnav smirked to himself, "yeh I'm sure I'll be a while before I do that," he stated, running his fingers over the bloody ghash, trails of blood dripping down his arm, wiping it against his already muddied pants got into the SUV.


Angelica stepped out of her bathroom, her feet still wet as they lightly hit against the cool tiles of her bedroom floor. There was a smile on her face but her eyes were distant, a sorrow hidden deep within them. She let the loose wayward curls of her hair hang against her white simple salwar, the tiny ringlets wet against her back. Crouching on the floor she dragged out a large trunk. The large intricate designs on it's silver lid now slightly faded, it's paint peeling from the edges. She ran her fingers through the smooth metallic edges of it, a small spark igniting in her now soft unadorned eyes. Sitting on the floor completely, her legs folded, she let her finger graze over the lock then pushing the small button lifted the latch, her eyes glazing over with the tears that threatened to fall out.


"Well you look like shit!" Aman stated as soon as Arnav stepped in, his muddied boots leaving footprints on the light grey floor.

"Thanks! That makes me feel so good!" He remarked, rolling his eyes as he sat himself down on a stool then ejected his bullet cartridge.

"You know what I realised, our team is so good looking compared to those ugly bastard that Shyam's hired," NK commented, his voice filled with amusement as he walked through the doors.

Aman rolled his eyes, clearly not surprised then threw a coke can his way, "oh such a vain boy," he commented as Arnav smirked back.

"Sometimes I get worried NKs trying to seduce the enemy. Way too much gel on a boy that's going out to battle," Arnav added in just as a can was flung his way and he caught it right on time, ducking slightly.

"Oi guys! I gotta look good okay! Some hot chick could be there and I could start a new sort of affair," he winked, his actions animated.

"Yeh you mean like the fat-bellied man that you shot down," Aman chuckled.

Arnav joined in, almost choking on his drink, "it's a shame. You killed the potential love of your life," Arnav added, laughing.

NK frowned, clearly not amused, "aah whatever! I will get this evil chick of mines one day," he commented his eyes dreamy as he walked over to the fridge then stopped suddenly, his eyebrow lifting. "Wait why are the main house lights on?" He questioned suddenly.

Arnav's eyes darkened all of a sudden, the small smirk that had been on his face only minutes before quickly fading. Quickly downing his drink he made to get up.

"Oh Khushi you know that chick?" Aman questioned as NK turned around completely, his curiosity getting the better of him. "Arnav brought her here last night, he's got a damsel in distress saving scheme on the side ya know?" Aman joked as Arnav glared back.

"What Khushi? That hot chick? Here? Where?" NK began running towards the door, clearly excited.

"Wow wow wow! Stop!" Arnav warned moving quickly towards the door to block his way, "NK just go eat your breakfast!" He growled, pushing him back slightly.

"I told you Arnav, NK just needs to get laid!" Aman exclaimed back, his back facing them now, already looking into anything new that could crop up whilst NK having gotten Arnav's message sulked back off towards the fridge.


Arnav stopped outside of her door, his finger brushed off of the metal of the handle, not quite sure what to do anymore, where to start, how to start, would it even make sense? His brows were scrunched together as he contemplated all the different scenarios.

Khushi stopped pacing around the room, she was trying to make sense of things but couldn't. She attempted to reassure herself in the knowledge that she could at least trust herself to be safe here. But then they had locked her in a room and not talked to her for hours. The sheer effort of waiting was both terrifying and tiring at the same time. She felt completely drained, her emotions a blurred mess. Wait what if the door wasn't locked? She walked over slowly, her footsteps measured then let her hand fall onto the handle. She turned it slowly, surprised to find that it in fact had not been locked, the small clink of it already dispersing the small glimmer of doubt that she had had left.

Arnav stepped back suddenly, his eyes wide as she opened the door for their large gazes to clash once again. She took a step back, not sure how to react, moving her gaze to the floor, his penetrating gaze doing nothing to calm her mind.

"Erm, I erm..." He struggled for words, not having anticipated her to have stepped out so abruptly. He looked to the ground as her eyes lifted back upto his, seeking answers that he did not know how to provide. "I was just checking if you were okay," he muttered, lifting his eyes to just barely meet hers.

She took the sight of him in then, her breath hitching in her throat, his hair was messy and lying scattered over his forehead, there were dried blood marks down the side of his face. His arms were muddied, the muscles of them clearly defined, he was wearing a tight fitting black t-shirt that was also soiled. She scrunched her brows together, her eyes widening the next second as her gaze landed on the large gash on his left arm, blood still dripping down the length of his arm.

He followed her gaze, cursing himself inwardly, why couldn't he have changed first? He took another step back as she attempted to take one forward.

"Err, actually I just got back," he admitted, his voice still quiet, "I'll erm go clean myself up. Breakfast should be out so you should go and eat," he offered then letting a small smile adorn his face walked away from her as she continued to stare at him completely bewildered.


He took the first aid box out, wiping his hair and flinging the towel to the side, little droplets still falling onto his back. Arnav felt better now, as he always did after a long hot shower. Seating himself down he slowly opened the first aid box then stared into the contents of it for a few seconds, his mind somehow lost somewhere else. His thoughts were too conflicted, he wasn't able to think straight, he wanted to tell her but didn't know how to go about it, where to start, what to say.

Dipping the cotton wool in antiseptic he slowly moved it over to the gash, even the tiniest of drops against it sending ripples of pain up his arm. He scrunched his eyes shut, his other hand clenched into a fist at his side, his fingers digging into his palm as he moved it against the gash, the pain unbearable.

She took in the unfamiliar yet welcoming surrounding of the house as she slowly made her way down the corridor. It wasn't homey and yet it wasn't foreboding, in fact more than anything it appeared as if no one lived there. She'd now walked around the whole house barr the end of it and the only person she had encountered was the servant so was there no one else? Did he live alone? That struck a cord somewhere, she was beginning to feel sorry for him, understand the full gist of how genuine a person he was. She liked him, she decided, even with his random angry outbursts, his resemblance to her Arnav, she liked him. But wait there had been another man? So where was he? Aman his name was, she remembered then, it was all weird, unusual. She finally stepped through to the end part of the house, wondering to herself where he had actually gone or even where he had come from for that matter, when she heard a slight groan from up front.

Her feet moved quickly against the flooring as she approached a doorway to her right. She stopped in her tracks suddenly, her eyes widening in surprise. She felt her heart melt, all worries and tension just subsiding. Her feet carried her over the threshold of the door of their own accord as he sat there, his eyes scrunched shut, attempting to wipe his own wound.

"Aman it hurts like a bitch!" Arnav exclaimed, his fingers shaking against the cotton wool as he blindly dabbed at the gash. A few seconds later on getting no response, he slowly opened his eyes, his fingers froze on the cotton immediately, his eyes widened. "Oh erm," he felt himself loose his train of thought again.

She took another step in, her tender fingers against the wood of the door, her eyes large as she looked from his wound to his face, imagining the agony that he would be going through, "could I, I mean would it be okay if I... came in?" She asked, her voice timid, her eyes still focused on the large wound on his arm.

He nodded slowly, giving her a small smile, "of course," he offered gently, not sure what else to say.

She walked over slowly, her eyes downcast, not even sure what she was doing but letting her senses take over anyway.

He attempted to get up, when she placed her hand on his shoulder suddenly stopping him. His muscles tensed from the sudden reaction, his eyes widening. She immediately withdrew her hand, realising what she had done. "Please don't stand up," she mumbled then, averting her gaze. He watched in confusion as she slowly sat herself next to him, her eyes still downcast. She tore a piece of cotton wool off and dabbed it against the antiseptic. He moved his hand out as if to stop her when instead she interrupted him. "It's not good to clean your own wounds, it hurts more," she murmured, still looking away from him, her trembling fingers grazing his skin as she placed the wool on his skin.

He watched her quietly, his eyes large with amazement, completely taken aback by this gesture of hers, the only registering actions being her soft delicate fingers against his rough skin. He closed his eyes, revelling in the beauty of that very moment, his thoughts completely scattered.

"Is it sore?" She questioned, her voice a barely audible whisper.

He opened his eyes slowly to meet inquisitive hazel orbs, peering into him then watched, dazzled as she blinked then looked down again.

"Erm no," he was finding it so difficult to form sentences, "it's okay really I can do it myself," he tried again, flinching slightly as the searing pain finally started hitting him again.

She watched him for a few seconds, how his features seemed to now soften around her, the gentleness in those melted chocolate eyes of his.

"Arnav! Just let me help you with it! It needs a plaster!" She screamed as Arnav walked away from her, limping, blood trickling down his left leg. 

"I'll be fine! Just go home!" He shouted back walking into his house. But she ran after him, not new to her best friend antics. Moving up the stairs and reaching his room he quickly attempted to close it when she pushed through, trying with all her might to just enter when he finally let go and she almost fell into the room. She ran after him frowning. "You will not be fine! You need a plaster!" She shouted this time, turning him around to face her. 

"I am fine and I can put it on myself! I'm not a child!" He exclaimed, his nostrils flaring. But Khushi would be damned if she gave up without a fight. "Just shut up and sit down! I'll do it!" She yelled again, shoving on him so that he sat on the bed. 

She felt him jerk his leg back under her fingers, her eyes surveyed the seconds worth of contorting features of his face. "Does it hurt?" She questioned softly. 

"No," he mumbled back, the pain evident through his voice. 

"You know showing your pain doesn't weaken you," she suggested finally knowing that the both of them understood the bigger meaning to that statement. 

She snapped back out of her thoughts, losing herself in the depths of his soulful eyes once more. Why did everything about this man remind her of Arnav? Why did she think he was Arnav? What if he was? What then? Could she ask him? She closed her eyes for a second, willing those thoughts to disappear out of her mind. She would have to sort it out in her own time.

"You know showing your pain doesn't weaken you," she mumbled what she had said to the person that she held the dearest in her life.

His eyes widened in shock as she finished bandaging his arm then moved her hand to his forehead, nimbly brushing the strands of hair that fell to the side, her fingers like trails of sparkling magic on his skin. His mind whirred back to all the times she'd said it, all the times that he had gotten hurt and she had done exactly this.

As she attempted to move a piece of wool up to his face he stopped her, his hand falling on top of her arm, his fingers in a tight grip. He looked straight into startling hazel large spheres this time, Pools of chocolate against orbs of hazel. His fingers grazed her soft porcelain skin ever so slightly as he spoke not breaking eye contact for a second.

"Khushi I need to tell you something..."

Do I haunt you there, 
there in the space I don't fill,
The hollow in you? 
- Tyler Knott Gregson


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