Friday, 9 November 2012

Important Note Reg. All FFs

So I still don't quite understand what is going on and frankly I'm not happy with any of it either. I hate being left out in the blind and not even knowing who exactly to be more pissed off at. But if Barun is leaving for good then I honestly wish him the best of luck and hope he reaches more and more heights in his career. It is a show after all and one of these days it had to come to an end.

For me I don't care if it continues or not anymore, although I would personally like it to end if Barun is not going to remain in the show.

Anyway regarding my FFs, I know some people have decided to wrap up their stories etc. etc. And therefore I have received some PMs asking if I will be wrapping up my FFs or just leaving them or whatever. And the answer to that is no I will not be wrapping up my FFs or discontinue writing :). Be rest assured. I have a lot of readers that have stuck with me even through the bad times so thank you so much for that and I'll keep writing as long as you guys show me the support :). I can understand a lot of people leaving IPK altogether with what has happened and I am also one of them although I won't stop reading FFs so for all the other people like me I will not be stopping them :).

Just imagine Barun in all of my Arnav/ASR roles, especially the Diwali Barun with the short hair :P. But then again I don't mind his hair part if that's what ya guys like :P.

Right now my updates are appearing a bit too late because I have piles and piles of work to get through. But I promise to sort my life out as soon as and get the updates up real quick!

I know a lot of you are demotivated and to be frank I was pretty down about this issue yesterday as well but I've made peace with it and moved on reassuring myself that IPK finished on a happy note after Shyam left :P.

I have also started a new FF which actually focuses on going back through all of the old episodes and re-writing aspects of them into the future, to sort of re-live the magic. So hope you like that :).

Updates will be re-starting starting tonight and I hope to get "When Truth Prevails," "Paper Roses" and "The ASR-KKG Files" updated by Sunday night. "A Sprinkle of Stardust is going through a sort of transformation in my mind so that will probably only be up mid-week next week :).

Sorry for the delay once again!

If the show does end here and the forum closes down or I stop coming on to IF or whatever the stories will always be updated on my blog!

The main index blog link is this: Beyond The Stars Index and it will always have a list of all of my FFs and OSs.

I hope you guys do continue to read my work and continue to leave your lovely amazing comments that never fail to make me smile! Stick in there guys! IPK or the true essence of it when it started was epic and legendary and it will always continue to be! In the end we only remember the good times so just remember the good times ;).

Lotsa Love Pinks xx


  1. Thank god you're not ending your stories I would have been devastated!!!

    1. Aww that's so sweet! And of course not! I need to continue them for my own sanity too! Lol I really appreciate the love! Thanks x

  2. I'm glad you're continuing your FF's, I do understand why people are wrapping things up but...If I IPK got them started writing it shouldn't stop them if its over...I agree with you...

    1. Thanks :). Yep I totally understand why some writers may be feeling really demotivated, after all everyone is different and when something like this happens it's obviously going to effect people, which is a shame really. And totally agree with you! IPK offered writers a huge stepping stone, by giving us all of these wonderful ideas so yes they should be continued so that we can continue to re-live the magic! :) xx